About This Site

My name is Jeff and this is my personal website.  I have a lot of interests and I enjoy writing about them. Thoughts and opinions collected here are solely mine, except for instances in which quotes are clearly delineated.  In those cases, sharing interesting opinions does not make them my own.

I have an M.A. in International Affairs and a healthy curiosity for pop culture, baseball, politics, and the way the world works.  Things that I am passionate about include, but are not limited to, my beautiful fiancee, indie music, film, baseball, ethics, politics local and national, globalization and international affairs, urban development, literature, food, friends, my former home of Minnesota and my adopted home of Washington, D.C.

I believe that the exchange of opinions and commentary leads to the greatest insight.  I believe that reading opinions that counter your own can make you smarter.  I believe that the world is a really cool place.  And I believe that the greatest achievements in pop culture are those that inspire you to think.  These are the beliefs that I hope this site embodies.

You can find my most recent previous online writing at The New Millennial here.  And probably some periodic music reviews for Indie Bloops and Bleeps here.  And feel free to follow me on Twitter here.


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