For the past ten years, I’ve made several commitments to writing online.  These sporadic periods of inspiration have resulted in a number of short-lived weblogs and journals on providers like LiveJournal, Blogspot, Tumblr, and WordPress, chronicling my whims and interests through periods of late-teenage angst, college-age superiority complexes, and most recently, semi-anonymous musings on politics and pop culture.

My most recent endeavor involved music reviews of records released in 2012 – music being a topic often on my mind and the search for exciting new releases a fairly significant hobby and source of pleasure in my daily life.  Like previous efforts at prolonged content-production, this effort eventually waned and my site fell dark.

Despite these aborted attempts and scattered directions, I miss writing.  I find it therapeutic, relaxing, and ultimately, a rewarding experience if only because it forces me to grapple ideas into a form with structure and inherent logic.  I still have a wide array of passions and interests, so those that stumble upon this site can probably expect a scattering of posts related to film, books, international affairs and globalization, baseball, urban development, indie music, food and local news, reluctant wedding planning (itself a new development in my life), and snippets of interesting commentary or other things from various corners of the internet.  I’m a pretty avid consumer of information and pop culture, and I enjoy highlighting the most engaging things I find.

So if you’ve happened upon this site and this post, I hope that you’ll come back again.  Because I’ve resolved that I’ll still be writing.

In the meantime, you can find my most recent online writing at The New Millennial here.  And probably some periodic music reviews for Indie Bloops and Bleeps here.  And I’ll always be on Twitter here.